About me

Growing up in the countryside in Belgium, I always had a passion for being outdoors. With playing outside, hiking and discovering nature, I passed my time from my childhood on. Nature books and documentaries inspired me to learn and discover more about the world and its nature. After studying nature and forestry management, I did some volunteer work abroad and I started my career in the nature conservation ngo Natuurpunt.

Around the age of 20, the spark really ignited to capture all that natural beauty with my camera, to share it and convince people of its unique and irreplaceable beauty in a rapidly changing world. Since then I always see nature through images in my camera, it really gives me the time to absorb every second. Looking (and a lot of waiting) for stunning landscapes, wonderful light conditions and the natural behaviour of animals, I'm always aiming for that one shot that is better than the last one, a mission that luckily will never end. With this I hope to contribute a little bit with the preservation of our beautiful planet. Enjoy!